Vehicle Driving Controls & Aids

One M Engineering offers a wide range of hand controls, left foot accelerator pedals and auxiliary control devices for driver assistance. Depending on your need and level of ability, we have a hand control that will suit your requirements. With the capability and accepted by road transport authorities to turn on and off the Knee Airbag Systems via anelectronic switch. This allows the use of the hand controls on vehicles fitted with Knee Airbag Systems.

With many combination available to offer a seamless self drive experience. You will be able to drive the vehicle with restricted or no limb function, allowing you to operate and control your vehicle safely and effortlessly, giving you total independence.

Hand Control Driving Aids
Left Foot Accelerator Pedal Driving Aids

Airbag Disarm System


Accessories Control Devices


Steering Wheel Spinner Knobs


Electronic Park Brake


Electronic Clutch


Power Assisted Pedal


Ultra Light Steering / JOYSTICK Steering