Steering Wheel Spinner Knob

One M Engineering has a large range of Spinner Knobs to assist the driver with impaired hand function or in any one handed steering application. With units available from a single MONO-SPIN, three rod TRI-SPIN spinner knobs, GLOVE GRIP spinner knobs, FORK spinner knobs and electronic multifunction push button spinner knobs that can be used to control the indicators, wipers, headlights and horn wirelessly.

Available in a range of colours to complement your vehicles interior and to fit hands ergonomically. With its quick release function the driver can remove the spinner knob at any time with the press of a button allowing unrestricted access for others drivers.

Spinner Knobs - Non Electric

Standard Spinner Knob
Prosthetic Spinner Knob

 2 Point Spinner Knob


3 Point Spinner Knob


Ergonomically Spinner Knob


Folk Spinner Knob

Electronic Wireless Spinner Knobs

FADIEL Electronic Spinner Knob


RF360 Electronic Spinner Knob


LODGESONS Electronic Spinner Knob


LODGESONS "Lolly Pop" Electronic Spinner Knob


LODGESONS "Ball Grip" Electronic Spinner Knob