Roof Top Mounted Wheelchair Hoist

One M Engineering offers a full range of roof top mounted wheelchairhoists with different features to meet your requirements.

WYMO Wheelchair Hoist

The WYMO Wheelchair Hoist with its steelconstruction and ease of operation and maintenance is why this unit has been afavourite of people for many years. The electric make for a smooth andeffortless lifting and lowering of the wheelchair from the roof of the motorvehicle. The WYMO fixed frame wheelchair hoist solves many problems by using a'Secure Cover' to secure a fixed framed wheelchair to the roof of the car. WYMO Wheelchair Hoist isdesigned for fixed frame and foldable manual wheelchairs with a maximum weightof 25kg.


AUTOCHAIR Liberty Wheelchair Hoist

The new Autochair Liberty has been purposely designed so you can driveon your own whenever and wherever you want.
The Autochair Liberty is simple to operate; You can quickly load or unload yourwheelchair in order 90 seconds.  A side-door opening operation means lessspace is needed around your vehicle, so you can park in smaller, confinedspaces.  What's more, the Autochair Liberty can confidently lift a manualor powered folding wheelchair up to 35kg/77lbs.
The Autochair Liberty has been ergonomically designed to meet the needs of themodern wheelchair user.  The Autochair Liberty allows disabled individualsto explore their independence. 


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