Left Foot Accelerator Pedals

A left foot accelerator is the ideal self drive solution for those drivers that do not have use or full function of their right leg.

A left foot accelerator can be installed in a vehicle with an automatic transmission for those who are able to use their left leg only to operate theaccelerator and brake.

One M Engineering supplies the Left Foot Accelerators as a “Quick Release” or a “flip up, flip down” design.

Flip up, Flip down Left Foot Accelerator Pedal

The flip up, flip down left foot accelerator system is a discreet conversion where the original and the left foot accelerator pedals can fold away for safety when not being used.


Quick Release Left Foot Accelerator Pedal

The quick release left foot accelerator pedals features a button or pin allowing the system to be removed and your vehicle returned to original in seconds.


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