Accessories Control Devices

One M Engineering has a variety of auxiliary control devices in both mechanical and electro mechanical to assist the driver in functioning the vehicle auxiliary controls such as the indicators, lights, horn, wipers, windows, gear selection, park brake, door locks and door openers.

Mechanical Auxiliary Extension

The Mechanical stalk extension can be used to mechanicallyactivate the vehicle indicator, lights, high beam and wipers.

This light weight device is secured to the existing vehicleauxiliary device e.g. indicator stalk and activated via physical means as pernormal operation of the vehicle auxiliary controls.


Keypad Control Devices

The Keypad Control is suitable for automotive and domestic use. Available in 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 or 15 button configuration with an optional wireless connectivity.

Standard wiring to devices can be used to provide standard connections, or for more complex operations a designated electronic control unit can be provided.


Remote Control Transmitters

The Remote Control Transmitter provides wireless control of 15 auxiliary functions of the vehicle and can be mounted in any location to ensure an ergonomic fit between the driver and vehicle.

Functions include: horn, indicators, lights, high beam, hazard lights, and multiple wiper commands. The buttons are clearly labelled and feature back lighting to ensure visibility in all conditions. Colour options include for example, black satin, carbon fibre and brushed steel.

Integration with Can-Bus and non Can-Busvehicles is assured with the sophisticated software.


Voice Command Control

The Voice Command Control brings the latest assistive technology to the automotive industry in a functional and user friendly application. Voice commands are immediately recognised and processed by the control unit and converted into electrical impulses to drive auxiliary controls such as lights, indicators, horn, wipers, hazard lights, windows and park brake.


Bleeper Secondary Control

Designedfor people with restricted movement

TheBleeper is operated by pressing and holding the button. The system will cyclethrough the secondary functions of the vehicle, giving a bleep as it passesthrough each function. The function is chosen by releasing the switch at theappropriate bleep. Indicators - lights (dip/main & flash) - horn - frontwipers (intermittent, low & high speed) - front washers - rear washer &wiper

• Hard wired 10 or 13 functions

• Can be operated byany momentary switch

• Button can be placed at various locations tosuit the driver

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